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Beginners 1 & 2 Development Program

This is where it all starts! Learn to love the game and have fun with fellow friends. The goal of this program is to learn the proper stroke techniques while enjoying goal oriented games and drills. Students will receive professional coaching by certified instructors. The five-game based approach will be introduced in the Beginner 2 class. If you are a recreational player or looking to become the next #1, this program is for you! Ages 6-14 years old. Players divided by age and basic skills. Program runs throughout the year.

Intermediate Program

This program is for players looking to progress and gain the necessary tools to take your game to the next level. We focus on many consistency and technique drills. We introduce the power of mental toughness and how it play's an integral part of a players game. Students will receive professional coaching and video analysis.This program level is for junior varsity school players, middle school team members, and USTA Novice level participants. Ages 10-18 years old. Players divided by skill level. Program runs throughout the year.

Advanced Program

This program focuses on the advanced techniques that can prepare our students to play performance tennis. We bring intensity and focus to the table and by putting all of the skills together, our students are able to achieve the "total package". Program includes pattern play and footwork drills. Students will receive professional coaching and video analysis. This program is for you if you have a USTA ranking, play USTA Open or Championship tournaments, or a part of a varsity tennis team. Ages 11-18 years old. Program runs throughout the year.

Tournament Player Development

Mountain View Location Only:This training program is for tournament players, who possess the desire and willingness to excel in their game. The program consists of more intense conditioning, rigorous drills, and match play. Due to the smaller class sizes, players will receive more concentrated attention from coaches. Classes are also comprised of strength training, in both the mental and physical aspects of the sport.
Coaches will evaluate players who are interested in participating in the program, in order to attain a more uniform class. Throughout the program, coaches will also be continuously conducting physical/fitness evaluations to track players' progress.

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