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Frequently Asked Questions

 I don't play tennis yet, but I would like to try it. How can I start?

You are obviously interested in tennis lessons. I offer a wide variety of programs that will help you. If you want to sample the game, try out my beginners class. We have well-trained professionals for people just getting started. The coach to student ratio is small enough in which the student will feel that he is really learning and not just another "part of the crowd".

I am not one of your athletic types, in fact I'm considered non-athletic. Can I still learn?

Yes! Tennis is not an easy sport to learn, but with a little practice and patience, anybody can pick it up.

I am fairly athletic but impatient. I want to get started competing in tournaments. What is the fastest and best way?

Private lessons are your answer. You can probably start playing games after six weeks of continuous lessons. Later you should get into practice clinics to drill those strokes and situations you have learned until they become second nature to you.

What do practice clinic's involve? 

Practice clinics are for individuals who want to practice tennis on a regular basis. I do special exercises to increase strength, which is vital for tennis. Many drills are practiced in a situational format. I set up drills around situations in tennis which situations often occur. The exercises are repeated often so they become an automatic response.

I don't play tennis yet, but I would like to try it, how can I start?

You can start right here!Silicon Valley Tennis offers a wide variety of programs for any game level. Both group lessons and private lessons are available and can be scheduled at your convenience by calling:MV (650) 924-3085. SC (408) 390-5466    

I am not at all athletic. Can I still take your classes?

Absolutely. With persistence and patience our classes will help shape you into the athlete you've always dreamed of being!  We recommend starting with a series of 4 private lessons to assess and develop your abilities, after which, you can proceed to the appropriate level group class, or continue private instruction.

I am fairly to highly athletic, but haven't played much tennis.  I am impatient and want to start competing immediately. What is the fastest and best way to do this?

Private lessons are the way to go to reach the highest skill level in the shortest amount of time. After 2 months of consistent training at least 3 times a week, you will be ready to start playing in real matches.

Do you have a junior program?

Yes, Silicon Valley Tennis has a very extensive junior program.  We offer both group sessions and private lessons and specialize in developing beginners into tournament level players.

I want to sign my child up for your junior program but cannot transport him/her to the class because I work, what can I do?

If you call our office, and speak with Director, Francisco Ruiz, he can set up a carpool with other kids coming from your area.   

I am interested in trying tennis but don't have a tennis racquet or balls and don't want to buy them just yet, do you have equipment I could use to try out the game?

Yes, we have racquets available for rent and provide balls, the only thing you need to bring are tennis shoes that do not have black bottoms.  Running shoes are generally not acceptable.

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