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I recently spoke with a coach who said he has charged from 0$ to even $500 for a tennis lesson. That is a huge gap! It all depends on what you are willing to pay. No tennis academy can make promises that your player will go to college and receive a tennis scholarship. In fact, less than 5% of athletes go on to play in College and of those College students, less than 3% go on to turn pro. So if coaches are making promises to send your son/ daughter off on a tennis scholarship, please rethink where your money is going. All around the Bay Area, places are charging a monumental price for tennis lessons. Even if they are unqualified are not, they still do because that is the range for tennis. After doing some research in this area, the average for businesses that charge per hour is below.

Private Clubs: $22-$30/group/hour, $90-$100/private/hour

Academies: $12-$30/group/hour, $60-$150/private/hour

Community Centers/Parks and Rec/: $8-$25/group/hour, $50-$85/private/hour

What does this say?

It says that in general, Private Clubs are more expensive with Community Centers/Park and Rec with lower prices. So are you paying for quality, price, atmosphere, etc?

Some of the best players in the world never came from a typical country club. Serena and Venus Williams were playing on the park courts in Los Angeles before they made it big.

In conclusion, if a tennis academy is charging a large sum of money for your kid to participate in the program, please keep doing your research. Just because they have a special name and have produced a few players does not mean that your child will be the next one. You must feel comfortable with the coach/coaches and have an open communication line between them.

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